The Cathedral of Naples

Built between 1299 and 1314, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria of the Assumption, known as the Duomo, is the most important religious building in Naples, as well as being a historical, artistic and cultural landmark in the city.

Wedged between the buildings, the Naples’ Cathedral has a sober neo-Gothic facade with three entrances. Upon entering, we will come across three naves 100 meters long and 48 meters high, where different architectural styles intertwine with Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Gothic elements.

One of the most important points of the cathedral is the Cappella del Tesoro (Treasure Chapel), a baroque-style space in which more than 50 silver figures donated by wealthy devotees are preserved. The most peculiar element of the Duomo are the capsules in which the blood of San Gennaro is kept, famous because, during some celebrations, it changes its state from solid to liquid.

The Cathedral of Naples does not have a flashy structure and, from the outside, it could go unnoticed, but it is a temple of great importance and definitely worth a visit. There are, however, many other religious buildings that have nothing to envy to the Duomo, such as the Basilica of San Domenico Maggiore or the Basilica de San Francesco da Paola.