Neapolitan Treasure

Folklore, people’s devotion, religiosity, spectacularity: all this and more is enclosed in the exhibition of the San Gennaro’s treasure Museum, in an intact path of masterpieces over seven centuries that can now be admired thanks to the praiseworthy work of the Deputation.

San Gennaro and Naples could be defined, without fear of making mistakes, a faith and love relationship that is unique in the world, which has lasted uninterrupted for about sixteen centuries and is a rare testimony of the intense and heartfelt religiosity of a people.

The Neapolitan patron is also the best known saint in the world both from a cultural and spiritual point of view, also thanks also to the liquifying blood miracle that is repeated (hopefully!) every year!

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All rooms are equipped with the best comforts: latest generation TV, air conditioning, large private bathroom and dedicated Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, the Megaride Island MaxiSuite is equipped with a Jacuzi whirlpool tub to spend relaxing and romantic evenings for couples.

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