King of Coins

The king of coins, in the Neapolitan cards, symbolizes earthly and material power.

The gouache for this room depicts a work of street art that was very much appreciated by all the tourists who flocked to the alleys to admire it up close: it is a Totò inspired mural in the heart of the Spanish Quarters.

A particular playing card that has the body of the classic king of coins but with Totò’s face intent on smoking and with his good-natured expression.
The actor was represented as the ‘matta‘ symbol (figure known to ‘seven and a half’ players), that is, the card to which any value can be attributed according to the player’s needs.

The connection between the meaning of the playing card and the actor’versatility is practically immediate.

The room has a sea view with breathtaking panorama!


Included services

All rooms are equipped with the best comforts: latest generation TV, air conditioning, large private bathroom and dedicated Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, the Megaride Island MaxiSuite is equipped with a Jacuzi whirlpool tub to spend relaxing and romantic evenings for couples.

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