My Land

Terra mia‘ is the title of one the most famous Pino Daniele‘s song that perfectly expresses the emotional zeal and passion with which every Neapolitan is bounded to his city.

This strong feeling of belonging, that goes beyond contradictions and the hardest truths, is certainly embodied in the mask of Pulcinella.

Pulcinella is a key figure in Neapolitan culture, he lives in a quiescent state in the soul of all Neapolitans, people who, like him, are masters in the art of harmonizing opposites without even contradicting themselves.


Included services

All rooms are equipped with the best comforts: latest generation TV, air conditioning, large private bathroom and dedicated Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, the Megaride Island MaxiSuite is equipped with a Jacuzi whirlpool tub to spend relaxing and romantic evenings for couples.

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